Top 20 richest directors in the world 2020

Top 20 richest directors in the world

We all have those eye-catching movies that we really love, the favourite ones that we crave to watch over and over repeatedly, and pull our friends along. Well, the directors behind it, make loads of money to bring you that glorious, amazing, and intriguing video content. The top renowned richest movie directors in the world, have created films that have gone to receive numerous awards, besides some of the movies end up as top-grossing movies.

George Lucas is currently the richest movie director in the world with a net worth of about $6.4 million.

Here is the list of the top 20 richest directors in the world.

Rank Name Net Worth
1. George Lucas $6.4 billion
2. Steven Spielberg $3.7 billion
3. James Cameron $700 million
4. Tyler Perry $600 million
5. Peter Jackson $500 million
6. Michael Bay $430 million
7. Ridley Scott $400 million
8. Francis Ford Coppola $300 million
9. Roland Emmerich $200 million
10. Christopher Nolan $180 million
11. Ron Howard $160 million
12. Guy Ritchie $150 million
13. Tim Burton $140 million
14. Gore Verbinski $130 million
15. Coen Brothers $120 million
16. Quentin Tarantino $120 million
17. Irwin Winkler $100 million
18. Martin Scorsese $100 million
19. Rob Reiner $100 million
20. Judd Apatow $90 million


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