Perez Hilton Kids, Wife, Partner, is He Married,Boyfriend

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is a guy who many have come to love, and several others have come to hate or just dislike in the same way as many gossip bloggers. An American popular blogger, TV personality, and a Columnist, Hilton has similarly tried other things, including music and then acting. Still, as it has turned out, it is in those mentioned above that he has really been able to find his footing.

Perez Hilton’s Biography

We have all got to know him as Perez Hilton, but his real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., as named at birth on March 23, 1978, in Miami, Florida. Of Cuban origin, he was brought up by his parents, Teresita Lavandeira and to Mario Lavandeira alongside his twin sister, Barbara Lavandeira, in Little Havana town and Westchester.

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For his education, he first went to the Belen Jesuit Preparatory School, and then much later, he moved to the New York University, where he had been given a full education scholarship. After he graduated, Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. traveled to Los Angeles, where he aimed at becoming a performer, and soon afterward, he started blogging.

This saw him swiftly rising to the top and getting to the bottom of the good records of many as well. That is because he grows on celebrity gossip which generally, does not always go down with stardom. Some have tagged him as the most unpopular man in Hollywood, a tag which he has received with no hesitations. But then, there are times that he claimed that he was the victim of bullying, and he was not the one actually doing the bullying.

Is He Married or Gay? – Wife, Partner, Boyfriend

The most predominant thing that Perez Hilton has built his name on is a discussion, and in this area, he is not about to walk scot-free. During an introduction on the Celebrity Big Brother in late 2015 in which he got evicted in the seventh series, there were many criticisms about him. One was as regards a discovery he made when he stated that he lost his virginity at the age of only 12 to another schoolboy. The pair used to have daily sex in a chapel.

Now back to his sexual orientation, Hilton is basically gay. While growing up, he kept his reproductive preference hidden from almost everyone around him. This is even as he is now the man who is now famous for outing names he believes are in the closet for which he got some severe backlash. Nevertheless, his close friends had always believed he was gay.

It was finally when he was at the college that he decided to come out of the cabinet and tell his family that he was actually gay.

With that said, he has perpetually kept his dating life so severely private that no one knows who his boyfriend is, and he has never had a woman or a partner. There are some reports that claimed he once dated parted actress and YouTube star, Stevie Ryan, who was discovered dead in an apparent suicide in 2017.

His Kids

Hilton has never been wedded, nor has he been in any serious public relationship in the past. Nevertheless, he has three kids, all of whom he got via surrogacy. Beyond his job, he is very proud of his role as a father to his three kids that he raises together with his mom, who now stays with him.

The name of his first son is Mario, the second is called Mia Alma, and the third who was born in late 2017 is Mayte Amor. Talking about the mother of his kids, he revealed that she is an anonymous donor whom he met within an agency. She is a delightful woman whom he settled for because she looked nice as well as her good looks.

For those who have been questioning why he didn’t adopt instead of having his organic children, the blogger said he wondered if people were going to question heterosexual couples the same question. He settled on having his own children as a way of making his father, whom he lost when he was just 15, live through them.

Having had the children he needs, Perez Hilton is now set, as he stated, to enter the next phase of his life, which is men and passion. But before then, he will still be occupied with changing diapers as well as taking his children to swim class.


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