Elsie Hewitt height, weight, age, biography, family

Elsie Hewitt height, weight, age, biography, family

Elsie Hewitt is a popular British glamour model and talented actress popularly known to have worked with other top modeling brands such as Wilhelmina, LA Models, and the famous Playboy magazine. As today we will be looking at how this young British model has earned her spot as one of the fastest-growing models in the world today, we will also take a peek at her past known relationship with the popular American film star Ryan Phillippe, how their love affair went down from being sweet to sour – which then resulted in model Hewitt suing Ryan for assaulting her and then seeking a compensation worth of $1 million for the damages done to her.

Elsie Hewitt’s Biography and Age

The beautiful British model was born as Elsie Rose Hewitt in London, England, on 5 March 1996. Elsie is of white ethnicity and began her childhood staying in the United Kingdom. She then left her birth country when she was only 10 and moved to the United States, specifically, the capital city of entertainment, we are talking about Los Angeles, California. It was in this city that Elsie Hewitt became more open to the business of entertainment.

Elsie Hewitt grew up with a passionate desire to become a successful star, and she saw that her gateway to gaining fame was going to be through modeling, and so she then started her modeling career when she was only 15 years old. Currently, Elsie Hewitt is known to have modeled for numerous top modeling agencies in the modeling business.

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She worked under top Los Angeles based modeling agency LA Models and later on, Wilhelmina, an internationally recognized talent and modeling company. Working with Wilhelmina agency for modeling gave Hewitt the chance to model outside of Los Angeles. It saw her modeling in New York City, Miami and other top cities around the world.

Hewitt moreover gained more fame when she started modeling for the popular adult magazine, that is Playboy. She was working as a Playmate of the adult magazine until late 2017 when she was elected the Playboy Playmate of the Month of June in 2017.

The classic model has taken her modeling valor to the various social media platforms like Instagram. On her social media handles, she is known to pose in mostly lacy undergarments, enticing her followers with her endowed body shape and her beautiful looks. The most successful of her social media accounts is her official Instagram page, where she has more than 740k followers.

Elsie Hewitt’s Family Life

Elsie Hewitt is now a matured woman whose beauty has millions of fans amazed, but despite her magnificent beauty and popularity, no member of her family shares the huge limelight with her. She seldom talks about them and rarely gives a clue about their whereabouts. Nonetheless, there is evidence of Elsie Hewitt having a twin sister who is known for making various generous donations with her, but her real identity still remains unknown to us.

Outside her family time, Elsie’s private life appears to attract people’s attention. She dated famous Hollywood actor and leading character of the Shooter TV series, that is  Ryan Phillippe. The couple started dating back in April 2017, shortly after Ryan and his ex-fiancée Paulina Slagter broke up their commitment. After staying together for a short while, the couple began having problems. Their relationship matters were brought to light when Hewitt reached to the police about Ryan’s alleged physical assault on her and asked to be compensated with $1 million for the damages caused. Hewitt claimed to have been physically attacked by Ryan when she went to his house to grab her stuff. Ryan, nevertheless, publicly denied those allegations, saying that it was all part of Hewitt’s ploy to try to extort cash from him.

Elsie Hewitt Body Measurements 

Elsie Hewitt, as a top model, does her best to stay fit through constant exercising but not with a special diet. She does not actually seem interested in keeping special diets as she is a massive lover of food. Everywhere she travels, she likes trying out different food and has found Italian dishes to be her favorite. Her best food is pasta, and she loves it in all shades that it comes in. She additionally enjoys eating steak and can not miss out on the desserts.

Despite the former, Hewitt has an attractive body measurements, which make her followers seem not to have enough of her. She stands tall at 1.77m and weighs about 63kg. Her body measurements, including her waist, bust, and hip read 32-24-36 inches, respectively. Hewitt also wears shoe sizes of 9 and a dress sizes of 2. She has brown hair and greenish-brown colored eyes.

Elsie Hewitt Photos

Elsie Hewitt contacts

The model has several popular social media handles where she constantly interact with fans. You can reach her on;

Instagram: @Elsie

Twitter: @Elsierosehewitt


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