Dr Travis Stork Height, Married, Girlfriend, Wife, Divorce, Dating, Bio

Dr Travis Stork Height, Married, Girlfriend, Wife, Divorce, Dating, Bio

Due to the atmosphere of seriousness that surrounds their job, medical doctors are mostly considered to sacrifice their social life in order to thrive in their career. Notwithstanding this custom, Dr. Travis Stork has succeeded in getting a balance between his duties as an emergency doctor as well as that of being a celebrated television personality.

He graduated with outstanding grades from medical school and has made exceptional features in top-notch television shows like Entertainment Tonight, The Bachelor, The DoctorsThe Rachael Ray Show, and The Wendy Williams Show. Since the year 2008 when he assumed the position as host of The Doctors, the television character has landed two Daytime Emmy appointment in recognition of his contribution to the Tv show.

Dr. Travis Stork’s Bio

The American doctor was born on March 9, 1972, in the United States to parents – a mother and a father – only identified as Donna and Roger respectively. Additional details about his family background and what it was like as a kid growing up has proved difficult, but we know he’s the first doctor to come out of his family. The data available about his educational background reveals that he was a very bright student with excellent grades at the Duke University where he finally graduated from, and he later got his medical degree, further with honors, from the University of Virginia, US. Consequently, Stork preferred emergency medicine and commenced his residency at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville town, Tennessee.Dr Travis Stork Height, Married, Girlfriend, Wife, Divorce, Dating, Bio

While at Vanderbilt, Dr. Travis Stork featured on The Bachelor, a famous American dating and relationship reality television series. Stork appearance was on the show’s Season 8, and at the finale season, he chose professor Sarah Stone. Sadly, there wasn’t going to be an excellent fairytale ending for the new pair even though they stayed only a few blocks away from each other. Obviously, proximity didn’t do them much good as the duo soon called off their relationship just after one week of hooking up on the Tv show.

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Appearing in a top reality show did not have any adverse impact on his studies as Mr. Stork soon completed his residency and started practicing medicine in the emergency units at his alma mater in addition to a small hospital in Colorado.

Having had first-hand expertise on reality TV shows, Dr. Stork perfectly hosts a daytime medical/talk show known as The Doctors. The Los Angeles-based Tv show first aired in September of 2008 and is currently past its 10th season. Stork’s position on the talk show is to manage a panel of three other doctors in their discussion which adjoins on different health matters. The health specialists who come from different areas of medicine, including plastic surgery, pediatrics, and obstetrics/gynecology additionally attend to inquiries from the audience.

Following getting nominated at the 2010 Daytime Emmy tv Award for the Outstanding Talk Show Informative, the program went on to win it.

Dr. Travis Stork also became a member of telehealth company, MDLIVE back in October 2013. He entered the company as its Director of Medical Advisory Board but only spent two years on the job here, taking his leave in March of 2015.

Amid his extremely busy career as an emergency surgeon and television personality, Dr. Stork found time to pen two New York Times Best Sellers, that is – The Lean Belly Prescription and also The Doctor’s Diet. He also has numerous other books about health which he distributed for public consumption.

Dr Travis Stork Height

As expected, the popular American good doctor has an awesome bodybuild, not that we are amazed since he takes health so seriously. Though his weight is not known publicly, he is physically fit, and he stands tall at 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m).

Is Dr Travis Stork Married? Wife, Divorce

Though he commands massive success in his profession, Dr. Travist Stork has not enjoyed a thriving relationship thus far. When he got married to a fellow physician, that was pediatrician Charlotte Brown on June 30, 2012. It appeared he had found his missing rib. Nevertheless, the marriage didn’t last up to three years as the medical couple fast called it quits and got a divorce later on March 25, 2015.Dr Travis Stork Height, Married, Girlfriend, Wife, Divorce, Dating,  Bio

Dating, Girlfriend

Prior to his marriage with Charlotte, Dr. Stork was active in the dating scene. He dated Sarah Stone and then Carrie Underwood, but nothing worked out well for him and either of the ladies. He later engaged with and married Charlotte Brown with whom he remained with for barely three years before divorce came hitting them.

Since his first wedlock hit the rocks, Dr. Stork has not shown much enthusiasm in dating at the moment. Apparently, he wants to dedicate his time and energy to his tv show and to build his profession further but be convinced that when he meets someone special to him, you will get all the juicy news right here.

Dr Travis Stork contacts

While we don’t have access to Dr Travis Stork phone number or email address, you can connect with him on these social channels.

Instagram: @DrTravis 

Twitter: @DrTravis 


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