Antonio Garza gender,is she male or female?

Antonio Garza gener

The American beauty fanatic and makeup artist, Antonio Garza, has grown to be one of the most famous social media influencers out there and no uncertainty a force to reckon with on the video-sharing stage, YouTube. The fast-rising star started her career in 2018 and swiftly rose to prominence. So far, she has accumulated over 3.6 million loyal followers on her eponymous youtube channel. Beyond that, she has additionally built a considerable fanbase on other social media channels like Twitter and Instagram.

Asides being a makeup specialist, Garza has been making more headlines following her stunning looks. Many of her followers have been curious, wanting to understand more about the personality and, more so, the gender of their favorite YouTube player. In the wake of the preceding, we have gathered lesser-known details about the media star below.

Antonio Garza in briefAntonio Garza

What was Antonio Garza’s Childhood Like?

Youtuber Antonio Garza was born into a close-knit American house on the 15th day of December in 2002. A native of Austin, Texas city, Garza holds an American nationality and is of caucasian ethnicity. While nothing substantial is known about her biological parents and siblings, we do know that the YouTube personality spent her childhood days in Austin, Texas, where she finished her early education.

From a very tender age, Antonio began developing an interest in becoming a beauty and makeup specialist. Although she has made some videos touching her school, nonetheless, the names of institutions she attended have not been revealed. According to rumors, she was just a regular high school student, before opting out to consider a career on social media.

Her YouTube Career and Rise to Fame

Antonio Garza’s eponymous YouTube channel was created on January 26, of 2014, but she only began uploading videos on the channel after four years of inactivity. The YouTube star posted her first video named “Valentine Heart Cut Crease Makeup Look,” on the 4th of February of 2018. The video not only published Garza to her audience but likewise garnered millions of views in just a few months.

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After that, the internet sensation resumed uploading beauty, makeup, and fashion-related video content on her channel. And through her uniqueness and persistence, Antonio has become supporters favorite. Her channel further experiences accelerated growth, and within a space of only one year, she already has over four million subscribers on YouTube alone, and her make up videos have equally seen millions of views. Some of her most famous videos include Ninth Grade Makeup Transformation, The Answers You’ve Been Wanting, How to be Popular in High School, and Recreating my Old Makeup Gone Wrong, etc.

Apart from YouTube, Antonio Garza likewise has a huge fan following on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Having stayed on YouTube for just a short time, the makeup guru has fast established herself as one of the most popular fashion influencers on social media. Through her different stints, the YouTube impression has been able to garner a decent net worth valued at $300,000. Seeing how young her profession is, there is certainly no questioning how big she can grow.

Is Antonio Garza Male or Female?

While the YouTube star has garnered her big breakthrough, hence becoming one of the most popular makeup artists and beauty specialists on YouTube, questions about her real gender have also kept her on the media for a long while. News about Garza says she was born as a male to her parents but is presently described by many online news sources as a girl/trans-woman/trans-female. If this is really true, this turn of events in her life is not that strange, considering the business she is carving out a career in.

Antonio can be likened to other YouTubers like Princess Joules/Julie Vu,TheRealAlexBertie, and Jazmin Lee, who were all originally born male. Nevertheless, while the later YouTubers have all made their change public, Garza is not identified to have openly commented on her reproductive identity (previous or current). Nevertheless, almost everyone who sees her makeup videos end up acknowledging her talent.

Does She Have A Boyfriend?

For someone as famous as Antonio Garza, it is only reasonable for fans to keep tabs on her private life, just to find out who holds her busy outside her vlogging career. But like most top celebrities, Antonio has taken it upon herself to keep all matters relating to her love life under the radar. As a result of this, many still believe she is having a secret affair, while others think she is too young to find herself in lovey-dovey relationships. It could also be that the sensational vlogger prefers to save all her energy for her future career in cosmetic artistry and video making.

Interestingly, on 2019 April Fools’ Day, vlogger Antonio fooled her friends with the announcement that she has finally got a love partner. But even though she finished her tweet with the common “April Fool” comments, many still thought she has and even went on to congratulate her. As of this article, the YouTube star has not named anyone as her boyfriend. She has likewise not opened up about her sexual orientation.

How Tall is Antonio Garza? Height, weight

Antonio Garza isn’t just attractive but also has an engaging personality. She has a body height of 5 feet 6 inches, which is a few inches ahead of the average height for American women (5 feet 4 inches). Her height is well complemented by body weight of 50kg (110 pounds) and body measurements of 32-26-34 inches for her bust, waist, and hips, in that order. In addition to this, she wears a bra of size 31B, and she wears a shoe of size 6US. Her other notable features include her grey eyes and dark brown hair.


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